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The adaption to different cultural realities has a complex communicational component which constitutes the frontier between the success and the failure of an internationalization process. In order to ensure a smooth entrance in foreign markets, we proceed with a strict analysis of the product and service portfolio of our clients, and with the selection of an adequate offer for the needs and consumer habits of the target countries. From the elaboration of an action plan with concrete steps and realistic and measurable goals, to the defining of the pricing strategy adapted to the local reality, passing through sales force training at our clients’ facilities and the necessary adaption of communication materials to be used in sales efforts, we ensure that the start of the commercial activity on the ground is carried out as if it were a local company.


We are your sales department in international markets, working along with your company in business development in target countries. Our outsourcing solution adapts to your needs, which allows you to hire our services partially. With the knowledge of the market of our local salespeople, we manage the first phases of the sales cycle, from market surveys to presentation meetings of products and services, autonomously. In order to ensure the closing of deals and the continuity of new clients, we carry out the second phase of the commercial cycle along with your organization, from the presentation of business proposals to term negotiation and deal closing. We also ensure post sales support, developing the necessary actions to guarantee the local client’s loyalty.

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